The Billionaire’s Christmas Baby – a fun feel good Christmas story

The Billionaire's Christmas BabyThe Billionaire’s Christmas Baby by Victoria James
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A fun feel good Christmas story.

Hannah Woods has been counseling a group of single, unemployed mothers each Thursday evening and when she is done all she wants to do is get into her comfy clothes and have two glasses of wine. Hannah likes counseling however there are some days that are harder than others. On this latest day she is worried about Louise, a woman who didn’t show at the meeting. Hannah had been Louise’s caseworker since she was pregnant and at first she thought things were getting better, however lately she is not sure. As she leaves the center she hears a small cry and as soon as she sees the basket she knows whose baby it is, Louise’s baby, Emily.

Louise left a note saying she was sorry and I could not do this anymore, that life was too hard. She wanted Hannah to please find her brother, Christopher James saying she believes he would raise Emily. So Hannah breaks every rule in the book and was searching for three weeks until she finally finds him, his name is now Jackson Pierce. He left his old life behind and started his own software company after graduating college; he and his partner had turned it into a billion dollar company within 10 years.

So on a snowy, windy night she drives up to his cabin and knocks on the door where he proceeds to tell her she must be in the wrong place and slams the door in her face, twice. Hannah is not sure what to do, but gets her car ready to drive away, however Jackson finally comes back out and asks her to come back into the house, knowing she could not drive in this weather. He is surprised to find that Hannah is not the only occupant in the car.

Believing Emily is Hannah’s he is shocked when he overhears a conversation and finds out Emily is his niece. Needless to say he is angry and if the weather had not turned into a blizzard he would have made them leave. He does not want to be a father and rejects any mention of adopting Emily. As they ride out the storm, Hannah learns about his childhood, that he had been let down by social workers, his father and more recently by his sister when she and her addict friends stole everything from him when he was just starting out.

Hannah has her own past she has to deal with and because she feels responsible for Louise’s death (since she did not see the signs) she will do anything to keep Emily out of the system. During the five days they are together she hopes she is getting to Jackson, and she is amazed when he finally says he will adopt Emily but wants a promise out of Hannah, that she will be there for every step of the proceedings.

When the blizzard lets up, Hannah goes back to work to find she has lost her job but gained much more with Jackson and Emily.

What a cute fun story. I liked how the story unfolded and really enjoyed getting to know Hannah and Jackson. Both had terrible childhoods but had not let the past scar them from making something of them-selves. The only thing that they were unable to do was fall in love until they met the right person. This is a lovely Christmas story that brings warmth to your heart.

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