About Us

Three friends and fellow book carnivores, we decided to band together and review everyday books for people like us for the largest newspaper in Idaho, the Idaho Statesman. We all have our own genres we prefer, so between the three of us, we pretty much have the bases covered. Except if you’re looking for non-fiction, we don’t do non-fiction. Oh, and if you’re looking for literary fiction. Or….Wait, this is easier:

If we’re reading it, we’re reviewing it. Bottom line.

We’ll let you know if we like it or not or if it’s worth reviewing, in our opinion.

Now, a little about us (if you want more specifics, read this post). Pam reads books at a rate faster than Superman. Not even kidding. At 172 last year, I dare anyone to keep up. She’ll mainly be reviewing romance, paranormal, romantic suspense, and maybe a few others. We don’t want to put ourselves in boxes. Hang out with her online here: GoodReads, Twitter, and her blog.

Rachel consumes all things YA. An inspiring YA author, she tries her best to stay on top of what’s out there (and there’s a whole lotta good stuff out there, too). She’ll be reviewing only YA books. She’s also going to be helping to organize book-to-movie outings, so if you’re in the area and want to see the latest hit book on the silver screen (and not just YA, either), she’s your gal. Although, we’re all having fun with it. She loves meeting new people, so interact with her here: GoodReads,  Twitter, and her blog.

Janice is the quirkiest out of the three of us. She’s a published author and a pastor’s wife with a very popular blog. She’s always up for a good laugh and is the fire behind our group to get things done. She’ll be reviewing inspirational fiction, Christian romance, and suspense/mysteries. As well as anything else that strikes her fancy. She’s online too, so check her out on GoodReads, Twitter, and her blog.

Wanna follow the Book Addicts? We’d love the company! Here’s our blog at the Idaho Statesman and here’s twitter (@IDS_BookAddicts). We’d love to hear from you, too! So email us at: BookAddictsIDS[at]Gmail[dot]com

Happy reading!

The Book Addicts

Pam, Janice & Rachel

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