B2M Night deux! The Bourne Legacy

We had our second B2M night at the end of August, The Bourne Legacy, and this time we had more people than last (five versus two). We met at the usual haunt before had, laughed, ate some good food and then made our way to Edwards Gateway.

Okay, so, for the movie. I’ll admit, I’ve never read any of the Bourne books, but I have seen all the movies. I enjoyed them, although, towards the last installment, it was getting a little redundant. But they were good. Action-packed, big names, bigger budget. So, when another one came out—with new names and a new story—I was down to see it.

Was Jeremy Renner a good choice for the new “Bourne”? I think so; he plays the big bad, stoic undercover operative well. And What about Rachel Weisz? Besides the fact that she’s far too thin nowadays, she was okay in this role. But I want to go on the record as saying I liked her better in The Mummy series with Brendan Fraser.

As for the plot? It’s nothing new for the Bourne franchise. It’s a regurgitated storyline from the first three – Operative has no idea why he’s trying to be killed, does really cool stunts with really cool gadgets to avoid getting caught, has pretty woman by his side, kicks but, kills people, and oh yeah—plenty of chase scenes. Basically, this movies was two and a half hours of various chase scenes.

At the end of the day, it wasn’t as good as I was led to believe by friends.

Upcoming B2Ms?

• Lawless in September (possibly early October depending on schedules, but October is going to be busy in and of itself for B2M!)
• Perks of Being a Wallflower comes out 9/21
• Alex Cross on 10/19
• Cloud Atlas on 10/26

Book-2-Movie – Part Deux

Okay, this month there weren’t really too many choices. We had Wimpy Kid or Bourne Legacy.

We chose Bourne.

So, if your interested in seeing the newest installment in the Bourne franchise, we’ll be hitting the theatres Saturday, August 18th. Location and time to be determined, so stay tuned. And I’ve included the trailer so you can see if it’s for you or not.

Save money and time, read the book

If you read my book review on Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, you’d know I enjoyed it. Thought it was a pretty good fictionalized biography of a great man. So, I was eager to see the movie adaptation.

Yes, I know movies are never fully like the books they represent, and yes, I know they had to take 400 page book about a man’s entire life and condense it down to a little under two hours. But, really? This is what Tim Burton came up with?

Where do I start? Oh, yeah, with advice. Save $10 and two hours and read the book.

I thought the movie would be like the book in that it would follow Lincoln’s life and put in the vampire aspect for the motivation behind certain actions and wars. Not so, my friends, not so. There were very few lines of truth that the movie followed in its adaptation.

Where it strayed from the book:

  • Nothing is mentioned of Abe’s sister, his step mother or his step siblings. In fact, it’s mentioned that his father dies fairly early in Abe’s life
  • When Abe gets married, only one son (Will) is ever mentioned or shown
  • Abe’s father comes across as a strong man, fighting for what’s right, where as in the book (and in history, I believe), it’s common knowledge that Abe’s father did as little as possible, beyond making sure his family survived
  • In turn, Abe is portrayed as a very weak man begging for the tutelage of Henry to know more about vampires and how to kill them (this is perhaps what irked me the most about the film. Abraham Lincoln—in my opinion—was one of the strongest and bravest men in America, so to see him begging when he didn’t is a little distasteful. But I get the whole concept of showing his struggle with his hate, yada-yada-yada)
  • Abe kinda really hates Henry, where as in the book, their relationship is one of mutual respect and a weird sort of admiration)
  • In the movie, Abe doesn’t know that Henry is a vamp until well into their relationship
  • Henry is upset that Abe is running for political office. This point (and the one coming up about the Civil War) I think is the most crucial. In the book, the “good” band of vampires set Abe up to run for office as well as win and lose according to their grand plan of expelling the “bad” vampires. In the movie, Abe is running because he believes in what he’s fighting for, and now that he’s married, he wants nothing more to do with hunting vampires
  • The Civil War. The whole power source for the “bad” vampires is the slave trade in the south. This lucrative business has been providing a no-questions-asked source of food. The “good” vampires believe that if they end slavery, the “good” vampires will be forced to leave America. Thus, the Civil War must be fought. It was their plan from the beginning and Abe was the key to getting it done
  • In the book, Mary, Abe’s wife, never knew that Abe used to hunt vamps. In the movie, she confesses to reading his journal and wants to help, diving in head first. Go Mary!
  • The horse fight scene. Oh. My. Lanta. That was the most comical thing I have ever been a witness to. It took whatever integrity the film still had at that point and flushed it down the toilet.

There were some good things about the film. The cinematography was great and the special effects were pretty cool, too. It had more of a comic book feel to it (think 300) which was interesting given the movie, and there definitely wasn’t as much gore as I thought there would be.

At the end of the movie, I told Michelle, “We have to come up with some rules or guidelines or something for future Book-2-Movie nights. Going to every single one could prove disastrous.”

What about you guys? What’d you think about the movie? How’d you think it compared to the book?

Abe Lincoln: Vamp Hunter Movie Night is Here!!

That’s right! We’ve chosen the time and the theater (a minor change from before).

Edwards Nampa Gateway Center 12

7:40 pm

Friday the 22nd.

Be there, or be square.

Disclaimer: This movie is rated R (and if it’s anything like the book, it’s because of the massive amounts of gore. Oh, happy day!), so plan accordingly. You must be 18 to purchase rated R tickets or have a parent or guardian purchase one for you. No, Michelle and I will not buy one for you. We’re nice, but not that nice. 🙂

We are not chaperoning this event, merely organizing it.

First Book-to-Movie Outing!

Movies are great. Going to movies with friends is even better.

My friend Michelle (fellow book lover and Official Book-to-Movie Partner) and I are grabbing the best seats possible to go and see Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter (Official trailer, below).

Join us.

Friday, May 22nd

Nampa Edwards Gateway Cinema

7:40 pm

Time to be determined (check back here for details)

C’mon! It’ll be fun. We can chat about the book. We’ll meet before had for coffee/tea/munchies. We’d love to get to know you. Just look for the girl with blue in her hair. 🙂