Seeing is Believing – a funny romance with mystery

Seeing is BelievingSeeing is Believing by Erin McCarthy
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Piper Tucker has lived in Cutterville, Ohio for most of her life and does not plan on leaving. She was dropped off at her father’s place when she was eight years old by her stepfather who did not treat her well and did not want her. It was the first time her biological father knew about her and she has been treated special ever since.

Brady Stritmeyer comes back to town after being away for twelve years. Brady just lost his job and decides he wants to come home for awhile to make some decisions. Piper has had a crush on Brady ever since she can remember but he was years older and left for school and until now never returned. Brady does remember Piper and how she would ask him to sketch pictures of her ghosts as she described them.

Piper has seen ghosts ever since she can remember and Rachel is a ghost that Piper has seen several times throughout her life, she died 150 years ago in an asylum after being accused of killing her fiancé.

Piper and Brady find an old newspaper clipping of the murder that Rachel committed and he finds out that he has the same name as the man Rachel killed. As they spend more time together and get to know each other it seems that Rachel disapproves and gets angry, she even hits Piper over the head with a candlestick. To find out more Piper and Brady dig deeper into the murder and find some interesting things that may shed new light on who killed the old Brady and why Rachel seems to be jealous of Piper and the current Brady.

Seeing is Believing is a wonderfully fun contemporary romance with a twist. I enjoyed the humor, the sweet romance and mystery of a century old murder. A recommend read for me.

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The Reunited – A romantic suspense with mystery and paranormal elements

The Reunited (FBI Psychics, #3)The Reunited by Shiloh Walker
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Joss Crawford is an FBI agent working for a special task force that is a little different than most, as many of the agents have special psychic powers. He is known as a mirror, one that can take the abilities of others he is mind-melted with which makes him a very valuable agent.

For most of his life, he has been searching for a woman, one he has had weekly dreams about since he found her grave in college. In his dreams he remembers being with her and dying at the hands of another but is not sure what happened to her, only that they have this strong connection.

Drucella Chapman is working undercover privately trying to infiltrating a ring of human traffickers. She has been undercover for two years and has gotten so deep that she is about to marry an evil man named Patrick Whitmore. She does not care about the cost to her, she only cares that the ring is broken up and Patrick is dead. Dru has her own psychic abilities; she is called a Psychometric, and can read the thoughts of those she touches and when she touches Patrick she sees the evil in his mind. Tucker is Dru’s outside contact and has helped her for these last two years.

Taylor Jones is Joss’ boss and his wife Dez also works with the FBI, they all had some type of ability that helps with the most difficult jobs. Because Joss is a mirror, for this task force he needs several abilities and so is using one from Dez and one from Jillian a very powerful fourteen year old that is the daughter of another FBI agent, it was Jillian who got them involved as she “found” out about the women who were missing while on a family trip and could not get the images and voices out of her mind.

Joss finally finds Dru while walking one day and he stops her, they have this strong connection and it is after that meeting that they are able to connect mentally. He tells her about the past, something she does not remember or it was so painful she is suppressing the memories.

Joss goes undercover, posing as someone who finds girls for Patrick; they use FBI agents as the girls to infiltrate the compound and as they get closer to Patrick the danger increases for all those involved. While undercover Joss gets invited to a party and Joss and Dru officially meet and immediately assume the worst about each other, she thinks Joss is one of them and he thinks she is marrying a man that is evil and she knows it.

The present is catching up to Dru, Patrick is seeing through her façade. To make matters worse he also has an anonymous person calling him telling him they know about his ex-girlfriend who disappeared two years ago, he is running scared. So after one chilling night where Patrick threatens her, Dru has Tucker help her escape.

All parties seem to find the compound at about the same time, they know that Patrick is getting nervous so is going for damage control and will kill anyone that might hurt him. At first there is confusion about who is good and who is working with Patrick, so when Dru finds out Joss is with the FBI she is not sure what to think.

The danger to everyone escalates as they try to get the girls out of the compound while the guards are shooting anything that moves and yet the man everyone wants is not around. The fact the Dru desperately wants him dead leaves another dangerous mission ahead.

I really enjoyed this book, the characters are intriguing and the psychic element adds to the romantic suspense. The subject matter is disturbing and Ms Walker does well telling the story. This is the third in the series however I was not lost and although characters from the first two books are featured the flow of this book works. I recommend.

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Losing It – a fun, cute romance

Losing It (Losing It #1)Losing It by Cora Carmack
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Bliss Edwards is a twenty two year old young woman in her last year of college; she knows she is a smart, cute and fun person however somehow she is the only person she knows who has never had sex. And she wants to lose this label and move on with her life. It seems to be a sticking point every time she dates someone new. Bliss thinks that the reason she has never had sex is because she is a control freak.

Her best friend Kelsey is ready to help and takes her out to a local bar, after she helps her dress appropriately of course. She stays for awhile and then decides she is ready to go home – when she spots a cute guy in the back reading Shakespeare and is immediately intrigued. She is a drama major at college and there is something about a nice looking man reading the classics in a bar that intrigues her. When she talks to him she also notices he has a British accent. She must get to know this man.

They hit it off and after exchanging names and small talk he takes her back to his place on his motorcycle. She notices he lives in the same apartment complex she does, as they get off the motorcycle she burns her leg and when he can’t get into his apartment because he is locked out, they go to her place for some first aid.

They end up getting intimate and she finally she believes she is ready, but before it goes too far she chickens out, makes an excuse that she has to go get her cat from the Vet, at midnight – she does not own a cat. But she somehow leaves her apartment and watches until he leaves and goes back, feeling horrible.

The next day Bliss starts their new semester the last one before they graduate, as they walk into drama class they are introduced to their new professor and Bliss realizes that it is Garrett the man she deserted for her imaginary cat.

As uncomfortable as it is throughout the semester they try to keep their relationship professional, however they eventually start to date. There are some problems they must get through, a friend that actually really liked Bliss for more that she could give, an end of year play that has some embarrassing problems and a sickness that creates havoc for several of the actors before the play is even shown. And of course Bliss eventually loses it with Garrett.

I enjoyed this cute, sexy, fun romance. The characters were interesting and the story was pleasant with some sexual tension thrown in for excitement.

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Kissing Under the Mistletoe – a wonderful heartwarming story

Kissing Under the MistletoeKissing Under the Mistletoe by Marina Adair
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Regan Martin believes she has finally received the perfect job offer; she is hired as a wine marketer for a company that was founded and run by women. She even gets a home to live in and her daughter (Holly) will be going to a school that the company will pay for. Regan made a horrible mistake six years ago by trusting a man that did not tell her he was married, she has been paying for it ever since. With numerous jobs behind her, she is ready to move on and forget the last six years. Until she realizes who else lives in the town of St. Helena.

Gabe DeLuca has placed a target on Regan’s back and has been hounding her ever since he walked in on a dinner date with her and his sister’s cheating husband, Richard. He has been the acting patriarch of the family since his parents died and he took it upon himself to watch out for his brothers and especially his baby sister. His family owns a large winery and ever since he saw Regan and Richard together, Gabe had tried to keep Regan out of the wine business in hopes that his sister would never have to deal with her.

Regan has told Gabe several times that she was sorry and did not realize that Richard was married. She was nineteen and emotionally Richard pushed all the right buttons. Gabe’s mission is to protect Abigail (his sister) and he was not interested in whose fault it was, he has just never wanted Regan and Abby to meet. To make matters worse, Richard has disappeared with a lot of money and Abby has been unable to get a divorce.

When both Regan and Gabe realize that she has been hired by his grandmother’s and sister’s wine company (Ryo) she is fired and only has a few days to move from the cottage. She is devastated until the most amazing things start to happen. Chaira (Chi Chi) Gabe’s grandmother and her friends seem to take a liking to Regan and along with Jordan Schultz, the woman who originally hired her they make it their business to find her a new job and a place to live. And even though there are still several people around town that want her to leave or at the very least see if Richard will contact her so they know where he is, those that rally around her make the others see her in a different way, which in return makes Gabe also see her differently.

I really enjoyed this book and had such a fun time reading you will laugh and cry as the author tugs are your heart. The characters are interesting and I laughed out loud several times from their antics. The “Randolph” rescue campaign, all three Mrs. Clauses trying to out-maneuver the PTA to keep the Community Action Committee from being barred from the meetings and the naughty jar, I believe Regan will be able to fund Holly’s college fund with it. I am looking forward to the next book; the brothers and sister were still not quite sure about Regan by the end of the book so it will be interesting to see how things progress.

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The Billionaire’s Christmas Baby – a fun feel good Christmas story

The Billionaire's Christmas BabyThe Billionaire’s Christmas Baby by Victoria James
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A fun feel good Christmas story.

Hannah Woods has been counseling a group of single, unemployed mothers each Thursday evening and when she is done all she wants to do is get into her comfy clothes and have two glasses of wine. Hannah likes counseling however there are some days that are harder than others. On this latest day she is worried about Louise, a woman who didn’t show at the meeting. Hannah had been Louise’s caseworker since she was pregnant and at first she thought things were getting better, however lately she is not sure. As she leaves the center she hears a small cry and as soon as she sees the basket she knows whose baby it is, Louise’s baby, Emily.

Louise left a note saying she was sorry and I could not do this anymore, that life was too hard. She wanted Hannah to please find her brother, Christopher James saying she believes he would raise Emily. So Hannah breaks every rule in the book and was searching for three weeks until she finally finds him, his name is now Jackson Pierce. He left his old life behind and started his own software company after graduating college; he and his partner had turned it into a billion dollar company within 10 years.

So on a snowy, windy night she drives up to his cabin and knocks on the door where he proceeds to tell her she must be in the wrong place and slams the door in her face, twice. Hannah is not sure what to do, but gets her car ready to drive away, however Jackson finally comes back out and asks her to come back into the house, knowing she could not drive in this weather. He is surprised to find that Hannah is not the only occupant in the car.

Believing Emily is Hannah’s he is shocked when he overhears a conversation and finds out Emily is his niece. Needless to say he is angry and if the weather had not turned into a blizzard he would have made them leave. He does not want to be a father and rejects any mention of adopting Emily. As they ride out the storm, Hannah learns about his childhood, that he had been let down by social workers, his father and more recently by his sister when she and her addict friends stole everything from him when he was just starting out.

Hannah has her own past she has to deal with and because she feels responsible for Louise’s death (since she did not see the signs) she will do anything to keep Emily out of the system. During the five days they are together she hopes she is getting to Jackson, and she is amazed when he finally says he will adopt Emily but wants a promise out of Hannah, that she will be there for every step of the proceedings.

When the blizzard lets up, Hannah goes back to work to find she has lost her job but gained much more with Jackson and Emily.

What a cute fun story. I liked how the story unfolded and really enjoyed getting to know Hannah and Jackson. Both had terrible childhoods but had not let the past scar them from making something of them-selves. The only thing that they were unable to do was fall in love until they met the right person. This is a lovely Christmas story that brings warmth to your heart.

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Sea Glass Winter – an engaging fun romance

Sea Glass Winter: A Shelter Bay Novel (Shelter Bay #5)Sea Glass Winter: A Shelter Bay Novel by JoAnn Ross
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Northwest author shows us what small town living is like in coastal Washington state.

Dillon Slater was a Tech sergeant who has spent time in Afghanistan defusing IED’s. After his tour, he signed up with the Troops to Teachers program and recently started a job teaching high school physics and coaching the boys basketball team in the idyllic town of Shelter Bay, Washington.
Claire Templeton is a jewelry designer who lived in Beverly Hills until recently, and is now a citizen of Shelter Bay. After her mother died her 15 year old son seemed to go through a troubled stage, so she picked up and they moved north.

Claire’s son Matt was recently a star basketball player for his high school and is not happy with the move. He knows that the Shelter Bay team has had a losing season for many years. Matt may not be happy he is here, however the town is ecstatic, as they know all about the phenon who is moving to town.

As Claire and Matt settle into small town living, Dillon makes his presence known to both Claire and Matt; he is attracted to Claire and wants Matt to succeed. He also is very interested in the team and wants them to work together whether they win or lose, much to the dismay of the citizen’s who want to win.

As the season progresses they have some success and some failures which results in the team doing exactly what Dillon wants, they start to mesh. Dillon and Claire also grow closer, even though she fights her attraction; Dillon is a determined man who always gets what he wants.

This is an engaging fun light romance centering on small town living where people often help fight your battles and share your successes. This is the 5th in a series and can be read as a stand-alone however since it is a small town, characters from other books reappear and share their continuing lives.

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On Dublin Street, an emotional journey of passion, love and trust

On Dublin StreetOn Dublin Street by Samantha Young
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

An emotional journey of passion, love and trust.

Jocelyn Butler (Joss) has kept everyone at arm’s length for years, ever since her parents and sister, Elizabeth died in a car crash and then a year later her best friend, whom she had relied on while in foster care, was killed in an accident that Joss blames on herself. So for eight years she never let anyone close, as she spent her teenage years rebelling from everything, it was only after one scary incident when she was eighteen that she decided to change her life, yet still keeping her emotional walls up.

She moves to Scotland, the country her mother was from and with dual citizenship Joss is able to go to college and escape. Now, newly graduated from college she is ready to make her way as a writer. The problem is that she is in need of a new place and roommate since her best friend moved to London to continue her own education.

Joss is very frugal when it comes to her inheritance, as if it spending as little as possible would lessen the reason she has this money. Joss decides she needs to spend more for the kind of place she wants, something that will help the creative juices flow for her writing. She finds a great place and wonderful roommate in Elle; unfortunately it comes at a price: becoming friends with Elle, meeting and liking her family and feeling even more for her brother Braden, causing Joss to have panic attacks as she realizes she has not dealt with her family’s death after so many years.

We follow Joss as she works through her sorrow and begins to live again with the help of Elle and Braden. Braden pushes all her buttons and makes her live again and by falling in love with him she lets him break through the walls she has constructed around her emotions. This is an angst filled touching story about trust, love and letting others in. Although written in first person (something to get use to) I thoroughly enjoyed the story, as it kept me involved to the end to find if Joss completes her journey with the help of Braden.

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The Trouble with Cowboys

The Trouble with Cowboys (Catcher Creek, #1)The Trouble with Cowboys by Melissa Cutler
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Title: The Trouble With Cowboys
Author: Melissa Cutler
Publisher: Kensington (October 2, 2012)
ISBN-10: 1420130048
ISBN-13: 978-1420130041
Pages: 312

Catcher Creek, New Mexico is home to Amy Sorentino, although she has not lived here from several years she is now committed to creating a life here with her sisters and nephew as she has given up her career and sold her condo to put money in the ranch project.

Unfortunately she has to live down her most humiliating experience, her mental collapse on the reality TV cooking challenge called The Ultimate Chef Showdown. She came close to winning the show but was sabotaged by a chef who dressed like a cowboy (Brock McKenna) and probably never spent any time near a horse. Amy liked Brock and flirted with him throughout the show never knowing that he was trying to ruin her chance at winning. When her meal was ruined and she was voted off the show, she had a meltdown that was filmed and viewed my millions. Rule number one became her top priority – stay away from cowboys.

Amy likes to chop vegetables when she is stressed and coming back home to the stares and whispers of the town has her chopping celery to an extreme, much to the delight of the hogs on the farm. While on a desperate search for celery one day, Kellen Reid comes to her rescue before she makes a scene at the mini-mart in town. Kellen is the owner of Slipping Rock Ranch one of the best ranches around that has quality beef and she needs to talk to him about plans for the ranch.

Her sisters (Rachel and Jenna) along with Amy are transforming their farm into a vacation spot for families, including a restaurant. Her restaurant called The Local Dish will feature locally grown ingredients and she is visiting the local business owners to buy their products. As she talks with Kellen about the future restaurant, she totally forgets rule number one and spends an amazing night with Kellen only to regret it almost immediately no matter how attracted she is to him.

While growing up, responsibilities of the farm were left to Rachel and Amy while their father was always thinking of his next money making scheme. Jenna did not work on the farm much preferring to run a little wild until she found herself pregnant and turned her life around for her son. Although all three sisters have had their priorities changed since Tommy was born, Rachel is still angry the other two left her the responsibility for the farm, and they are constantly bickering about anything and everything. Their father was a dreamer and their mother self medicated her depression to where they could not count on them. Their mother (Bethany) is currently in a facility because she no longer can take care of herself. Amy has always felt she would turn into her mother so was deeply affected when she had the meltdown on TV.

Years ago Amy’s father signed an agreement with Bruce Morton and his company Amarex; he is the uncle of Kellen to be able to purchase the farm in case of foreclosure. He has been trying to get the sister’s land even though it is thought that there is no oil on it. Kellen is at a loss as to why his uncle wants it so badly. Kellen knows that his uncle is an unscrupulous person so never wants to help him when asked. So when Morton contacts him about the Sorentino farm he is determined to finally ruin him and send him to jail. Kellen has been taping conversations for several years to ruin Morton for just this reason.

Kellen also comes from dysfunction; Kellen and his brother raised themselves until their parents went to jail sending them into foster care. His brother Jake rarely speaks to him because he feels betrayed when Kellen turned eighteen. Kellen feels bad about that but at the time he was too messed up. Here in Catcher Creek, he has made a family with his good friends.

While Kellen and Amy sort out their feelings family, business and emotion come into play to make life a bumpy road to happiness.

I loved this book as it is an emotional roller coaster ride from the beginning to the end. The characters are a wonderful collection of quirky and interesting people. I loved the interactions between Kellen and his friends that he has embraced as family. The story was touching, you could tell both Amy and Kellen have issues they must resolve before they can totally commit to each other however the attraction between them keeps them coming back together. The storyline of Kellen’s family is so moving that I needed tissues. What started out as a combustible attraction between them moved to friendship then love – wonderful.

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Rescue My Heart – An enjoyable addition to the Animal Magnetism series.

Rescue My Heart (Animal Magnetism, #3)Rescue My Heart by Jill Shalvis
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Title: Rescue My Heart (Animal Magnetism #3)
Author: Jill Shalvis
Publisher: Berkley (November 6, 2012)
ISBN-10: 0425255816
ISBN-13: 978-0425255810
Pages: 304

Adam Connelly has PTSD and although has been in therapy for two years he does not believe he is dealing with it well. Two years ago he came home from a mission in Afghanistan and has battled his nightmares ever since. He makes a living teaching and training search and rescue personnel and dogs and is very accredited; however he had not been involved in an active rescue in two years, not since Afghanistan when he and his unit had been called to rescue a group of British soldiers stuck on the side of a mountain. His group rappelled from helicopters into enemy fire and were stuck in caves for several days, half his unit was killed in that rescue attempt and he has not gotten over it.

Holly Reid is the daughter of one of Adam’s clients and what others do not realize is that twelve years ago, before he went into the army she was much more to him. Holly’s father, Donald Reid is a very wealthy business man who has bought several failing ranches and turned them around. Holly is handling the business side of the ranching conglomerate. Her father and Adam work together as Donald fosters several search and rescue puppies while Adam trains them until they were ready to go to work.

Adam had been Holly’s first everything until he left for the army breaking her heart. She got married quickly when she left town much to the dismay of her father and brother. It turned out to be a miserable marriage when she caught him cheating so she left him and when Derek did not show up at court, was granted a divorce. Her pride has prevented her from saying anything to her family, as she did not want to hear the “I told you so” speech.

Holly has only ever asked Adam for one thing, that when he went into the army he kept her in his heart, however he didn’t and left without looking back. And now unfortunately she is back seeking him out to ask him for another favor. Her father is missing and she feels something bad has happened. As they race to find her father in the Idaho wilderness, they relive old hurts. Holly realizes she still has strong feelings for Adam and yet Adam feels his current state of mind is dangerous and does not feel he is stable enough to take on more than he is doing now. Even though he has strong feelings for Holly, he is one very scared man.

I think this was my favorite out of the series so far. I love the damaged hero and Adam was the perfect fit. They complemented each other nicely and I loved how Holly helped him deal with his issues without making him feel worse. Holly so protected her feelings from everyone that when she did let them show it was unforgettable. I enjoyed seeing Adam’s brothers as they tried to help him yet realizing that Holly was so good for him. All in all a wonderful story full of hope.

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Sultry with a Twist

Sultry with a Twist (Sultry Springs, #1)Sultry with a Twist by Macy Beckett
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Title: Sultry with a Twist (Sultry Springs)
Author: Macy Beckett
Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca (October 2, 2012)
ISBN-10: 1402270364
ISBN-13: 978-1402270369
Pages: 320

May June July Augustine (June) is ready to live her dream. She has saved for eight years to purchase her own specialty bar and she just handed over the check to her business partner, Esteban. There is just one thing standing in her way, she found out there is a bench warrant out for her and she needs to go back to Sultry County, Texas to clear it up.

Growing up, June lived with her grandma Pru after her parents died in a car accident, her best friend Luke Gallagher moved in with Pru when he was twelve and his mother left him. June and Luke were inseparable while growing up and although Luke always felt they were best buds, June fell in love when they were teens. Right before graduation June and Luke spent a night together by the pond, Luke immediately felt horrible and was afraid they damaged their friendship, then to top it off the sheriff found them and took them back home to Pru. Pru was upset and there was a huge fight which prompted both Luke and June to leave the day after graduation. June never returned, always afraid of what Pru would say and thinking Luke never wanted to see her again while Luke returned five years ago. He spent some time in the army and after a brief marriage he came home and started a construction business.

When June goes before the Judge in Sultry County to take care of the warrant, he tells her that he will dismiss the charges if she does community service for one month. Much to her dismay the Judge releases her to her Pru and they start to mend their relationship. June has the choice to help at the church or a non-profit home project company, turns out that Luke founded the non-profit Helping Hands and his friend Trey runs it.

At first June selects the non-profit work however after several mishaps Luke asks her to work at the church. June is a walking disaster and several things happen that end up pushing Luke and June closer together. Yet Luke is not sure he is worthy of accepting anything from June, Pru knowingly tells June that she needs to teach him how to love.

I loved this book; a second chance romance that was wonderful. It was funny with laugh out loud moments; Luke and Trey have a hysterical relationship as best friends. I also cried in several places as Luke pushes June away several times unable to believe he is worthy since the harm his mother caused when she left was damaging. The chemistry between Luke and June was wonderful and believable and I loved their connection. They grew up as best friends and you could sense the way they felt about each other. The dialog was great between all characters; I just loved Pru and Trey. This was Macy’s debut book and it was a very enjoyable story.

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