The Reunited – A romantic suspense with mystery and paranormal elements

The Reunited (FBI Psychics, #3)The Reunited by Shiloh Walker
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Joss Crawford is an FBI agent working for a special task force that is a little different than most, as many of the agents have special psychic powers. He is known as a mirror, one that can take the abilities of others he is mind-melted with which makes him a very valuable agent.

For most of his life, he has been searching for a woman, one he has had weekly dreams about since he found her grave in college. In his dreams he remembers being with her and dying at the hands of another but is not sure what happened to her, only that they have this strong connection.

Drucella Chapman is working undercover privately trying to infiltrating a ring of human traffickers. She has been undercover for two years and has gotten so deep that she is about to marry an evil man named Patrick Whitmore. She does not care about the cost to her, she only cares that the ring is broken up and Patrick is dead. Dru has her own psychic abilities; she is called a Psychometric, and can read the thoughts of those she touches and when she touches Patrick she sees the evil in his mind. Tucker is Dru’s outside contact and has helped her for these last two years.

Taylor Jones is Joss’ boss and his wife Dez also works with the FBI, they all had some type of ability that helps with the most difficult jobs. Because Joss is a mirror, for this task force he needs several abilities and so is using one from Dez and one from Jillian a very powerful fourteen year old that is the daughter of another FBI agent, it was Jillian who got them involved as she “found” out about the women who were missing while on a family trip and could not get the images and voices out of her mind.

Joss finally finds Dru while walking one day and he stops her, they have this strong connection and it is after that meeting that they are able to connect mentally. He tells her about the past, something she does not remember or it was so painful she is suppressing the memories.

Joss goes undercover, posing as someone who finds girls for Patrick; they use FBI agents as the girls to infiltrate the compound and as they get closer to Patrick the danger increases for all those involved. While undercover Joss gets invited to a party and Joss and Dru officially meet and immediately assume the worst about each other, she thinks Joss is one of them and he thinks she is marrying a man that is evil and she knows it.

The present is catching up to Dru, Patrick is seeing through her façade. To make matters worse he also has an anonymous person calling him telling him they know about his ex-girlfriend who disappeared two years ago, he is running scared. So after one chilling night where Patrick threatens her, Dru has Tucker help her escape.

All parties seem to find the compound at about the same time, they know that Patrick is getting nervous so is going for damage control and will kill anyone that might hurt him. At first there is confusion about who is good and who is working with Patrick, so when Dru finds out Joss is with the FBI she is not sure what to think.

The danger to everyone escalates as they try to get the girls out of the compound while the guards are shooting anything that moves and yet the man everyone wants is not around. The fact the Dru desperately wants him dead leaves another dangerous mission ahead.

I really enjoyed this book, the characters are intriguing and the psychic element adds to the romantic suspense. The subject matter is disturbing and Ms Walker does well telling the story. This is the third in the series however I was not lost and although characters from the first two books are featured the flow of this book works. I recommend.

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Rev It Up – A thrilling ride to the end

Rev It Up (Black Knights, Inc., #3)Rev It Up by Julie Ann Walker
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Title: Rev It Up
Author: Julie Ann Walker
Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca (October 2, 2012)
ISBN-10: 1402267185
ISBN-13: 978-1402267185
352 Pages

Jacob Sommers aka Jake “The Snake” has been friends with Frank Knight for several years, he was with him when they dreamed up the special ops group called The Black Knights. However Jake was deployed when Frank started the business and for several reasons Jake has not been back to see the results. Four years ago Jake was in love with Michelle (Shell), Frank’s sister, but when his inner demons surfaced he pushed her away and into the arms of his good friend Preacher.

Preacher and Jake were deployed together when they were overtaken by rebels, Preacher died in Jake’s arms and his last words were to take care of Shell and her unborn child. Jake came back for Preacher’s funeral however still kept his distance from Shell. Again she felt abandoned by Jake as he was soon off on another mission before she had time to think. She finally sent him a letter telling him that all his friends missed him and asked him to come back home.

Jake had already decided he was coming home when he received the letter from Shell, he realized that not only was ready to come home but he was also ready to fight for Shell. All he needed was to convince her that he was no longer that same person that pushed her away. Jake will have to do some strong talking to persuade Shell he has changed as she has her son Franklin to think about.

In the meantime a Las Vegas mobster named Johnny Vitigloni has put a price on the Black Knight’s heads in retribution for killing his brother in a previous raid near their compound. Johnny knows that the Black Knights are well protected so he decides to go after family members and Shell is on the top of the list.

I thoroughly enjoyed this thrilling book that keeps you turning the pages until the end as you need to see what happens. The story is gripping and full of angst as Jake and Shell try to come to terms with the feelings they have today and four years ago. They both have pasts that have prevented them from truly opening up and just as they start talking, another piece of the past comes up that may keep them apart as Jake’s trust is damaged. As they try to work through their problems, the threats against Shell and the Black Knights escalate and they lean on each other and their friends to keep them safe.

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Midnight Rescue – A mission gone wrong in this romantic suspense thriller

Midnight Rescue (Killer Instincts, #1)Midnight Rescue by Elle Kennedy
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Title: Midnight Rescue
Publisher: Signet (May 1, 2012)
ISBN-10: 0451236580
ISBN-13: 978-0451236586
Pages: 368
Rated: Loved It

A mission that seems to have gone wrong has Abby Sinclair in a precarious spot; Abby never makes a mistake and never gets caught, so when her boss, Noelle, is unable to contact her while undercover she gets worried and sends a mercenary team to rescue her. Abby is not pleased with the rescue effort because she was not able to complete the assignment and is determined to go back and finish what she started.

Abby was recruited by Noelle after surviving a horrific childhood; she was bouncing around several government jobs when Noelle found her, knowing about her because she knew Jeremy Thomas, the man who adopted Abby when she was a teenager and knew she was trained well. Now Abby is working with a group of women undercover all over the world as an assassin. Noelle gives her the assignment to assassinate Blanco, an arms dealer and trafficker in Columbia. While undercover Abby finds he is also dealing in other items for sale that she can’t ignore, it seems he has found a lucrative business dealing with human cargo and most of them are young girls. Abby feels the only way to stop the auction is to be a part of it so blows her cover to be taken prisoner in order to save the girls. Abby had it all planned and had a hidden key to use in case she needed it. While being tortured and threatened by Blanco’s main man, Devlin, she gouges out his eye just as the mercenaries are storming in to grab her.

Kane Woodland is a former SEAL and has been working with the mercenary team for several years and is Jim Morgan’s second in command. Abby and Kane find they have an immediate connection and although he would like to pursue it, Abby has closed herself off from all feelings and does not trust Kane enough to support his pursuit. The only thing that is on Abby’s radar at the moment is to heal from her wounds and rescue those girls from Blanco and she will do anything to achieve it. Abby talks both Noelle and Morgan into helping with her plan of rescue the girls, they even bring in a few mercenaries from other places. While planning Kane receives phone calls from Devlin asking about Abby, trying to find out where she is and as soon as he finds Abby is with Kane and the team, he will only talk to her. Devlin obtains past information about Abby, tormenting her with the pain from her past in order to bring her out of hiding so he can get his revenge.

As the team plans the rescue and Abby deals with what to do about Devlin, she and Kane grow closer together and start forming a bond. Since Abby is unable to trust, the bond is stretched thin at times as Abby takes things into her own hands, jeopardizing the rescue of the girls as well as the tenuous relationship with Kane.

A wonderful exciting story that keeps you guessing and engaged until the end as you feel a part of the team. The characters are believable and the back stories keeps your interest as you want to find out what happens in the end. I enjoyed the relationship with Kane and Abby as well as the secondary characters that also seem to have a connection that could be developed in future books, both Noelle and Morgan and Isobel and Trevor all had connections that hopefully will be in the next in the series.

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In Rides Trouble

In Rides Trouble (Black Knights, Inc., #2)In Rides Trouble by Julie Ann Walker
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Title: In Rides Trouble
Author: Julie Ann Walker
Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca (September 4, 2012)
ISBN-10: 1402267169
ISBN-13: 978-1402267161
320 Pages

Several years ago Becky (Rebel) Reichert owned her own specialty Harley chopper shop in Chicago, her brother Bill knew someone who wanted a shop to use as a cover for his Special Ops team and they thought Becky’s shop was perfect. So they changed the name to Black Knights, Inc and started a business working for those that need special clandestine missions around the world.

Frank (Boss) Knight is the ex-SEAL running the operation, handling work from all over, with Becky as the main expert on the chopper business. Although Becky and Frank set off sparks between them, Frank will not pursue anything, thinking the age difference is too great and things would not work between them. Becky does not have anything to do with the Frank’s operation and is angry about always being left out. She does not want to be an operator but hates when they have meetings and conversations without her. So with Frank pushing her away and feeling left out, she tells Frank she is going on a month long vacation with her friend.

While Becky and her friend Eve are on their vacation sailing near the Seychelles, Somalia pirates board their catamaran and kidnap them. The pirates want money and believe the US will pay for the two women. So they contact Black Knight, Inc. who immediately make arrangements with the USS Patton to rescue the women. In the meantime, Becky and Eve have been with the pirates for a week when the pirate’s boss (Sharif) comes along. By this time Sharif knows that Becky is a mechanic and wants her to fix an engine on a British oil tanker that is stranded and the pirates want to take. This is where Frank and his men find Becky and Eve, working on the ship with Sharif watching over them. As Frank boards the oil tanker, Sharif escapes on the towed catamaran with a damaged arm with everyone wondering if this is the last time they see him.

Everyone returns to Chicago and back to living their lives while Frank and Becky settle into an uneasy truce, both not knowing how to act around each other. Things come to a head when Frank goes into surgery and a woman with a small child comes to visit him in the hospital and Becky must make some decisions. And to make matters worse, Sharif finds Becky and wants revenge. This book is a wonderful addition to the series, with misunderstandings, danger coming from their past encounter with the pirates and the tension escalating between Becky and Frank, the book keeps you interested until the end. I loved the relationships between all the different characters and enjoyed the romantic conflict between Frank and Becky. I am looking forward to the next story.

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A fast paced romantic suspense that is thrilling until the end

Cold ComfortCold Comfort by Ellis Vidler
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Clair Spencer has a quiet life living in the home her mother left her and runs a Christmas shop in Williamsburg, Virginia that she owns. Her calm existence comes to an end when she arrives home one night after closing the shop and is attacked in her driveway. Thanks to the neighbor’s dog that alerts those nearby, she is rescued but the attack leaves her with several injuries and many questions. After telling her assistant, Mary about the attack she is referred to Ben Riley by Mary’s brother Ray. Riley works in security and can be available to hire for the right amount of money and motivation.

At first Riley does not want the job, as he is still reeling from a job where a small child was killed. Even though he could not have prevented the outcome, he still feels horrible and does not want to get involved. However, he is curious about her and goes to visit the Christmas shop to see Clair and assess the situation. While he is there Clair is attacked again and as he saves her, he reluctantly agrees to take the job.

As Clair and Riley try to piece together why someone would try to kill her they make some startling discoveries and Clair realizes she has grown up with secrets and lies all her life. Together with the help from Riley’s group of friends who all seem to have a specialty, they try to find out who she is.

The plot progresses at a fast pace and we are hurtled toward an ending that has many twists and turns to keeps you guessing. Clair and Riley find danger as they discover the secrets to Clair’s past. Riley and Clair take comfort in each other during the most trying times however they fight the attraction as they both know that Riley is not the type of guy that is looking for a long term relationship. The ending is satisfying and I enjoyed this book immensely as Clair finds out who she really is and Riley starts looking at a future that could involved Clair.

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About That Night by Julie James

About That Night

Author:  Julie James

Series:  FBI/U.S. Attorney
Mass Market Paperback and eBook, 304 pages
Berkley Publishing (April 3, 2012)
Romantic Suspense
Review Copy:  
Purchased by reviewer

About That Night is the third book in the FBI/US Attorney series that takes place in Colorado.  The three have a continuing story arc that threads its way through each book.  The first book is called Something About You and is the story of Cameron Lynde and Jack Pallas.  Three years ago she was a newly appointed assistant U.S. attorney and Jack was an undercover FBI agent who risked his life in a crackdown against the head of a crime syndicate.   Cameron was ordered to drop the investigation by the U.S attorney in charge which angered Jack and when confronted by journalist, Jack said some very colorful things in public about Cameron which came back against him and almost ruined his career.  Now they have to work together on an investigation of a murder she witnessed.  The second book is called A Lot Like Love and is the story of Jordan Rhodes a wine shop owner and Nick McCall an FBI agent who must go undercover to take down a money launderer.  Jordan is acquainted with the accused man and makes a deal to help the FBI and US attorney’s office in order to get her brother Kyle out of jail early, a year ago pleaded guilty to computer fraud.

In About That Night, Rylann Pierce is a new assistant U.S. attorney who has recently moved back to Colorado after a breakup with her fiancé.  Her first task is a simple “agreed motion” on the release of a prisoner; since it is a case that all parties are in agreement on, Rylann is just to sit in for another attorney who is busy.  She receives the file from Cameron (newly appointed U.S. attorney in charge) and almost falls over as she reads the title:  United States v. Kyle Rhodes.  Rylann is not sure if she should say anything to Cameron since nine years ago she met Kyle Rhodes in a bar and he walked her home.  They felt an instant attraction toward each other and if there had not been a tragedy in Kyle’s life the next day, they may have experienced much more than one amazing kiss.   Rylann decides she will keep quiet and represent the U.S. attorney’s office since this is just a fluke and it will be over quickly.

Kyle Rhodes is the son of a billionaire and brother of Jordan.  He is a computer genius and one year ago he did a very stupid thing because of a woman, he shut down the social media website Twitter for two days therefore causing worldwide panic.  The U.S. attorney’s office prosecuted him to the fullest, calling him a terrorist as they and the FBI wanted to prove that they do not show favoritism to someone just because he was from a wealthy family.  He plead guilty (because he wanted to own up to his mistake) and was sent to jail for 18 months.  He was recently granted a released when his sister Jordan made a deal with the U.S. attorney’s office.  At the hearing he immediately recognizes Rylann as the young law student he met years ago.
Rylann keeps her distance from Kyle even after the court date not wanting anyone to come up with assumptions.  During a murder investigation the U. S. attorney’s office finds out that while in prison Kyle overheard a prison guard plotting murder.  So the attorney’s office contacts Kyle to see if he would be their witness.  This throws Rylann and Kyle together, and as they work through the case, they realize that the chemistry between them has not diminished from nine years ago.

This story was very good however it did not have as much suspense as the first two books in the series; I kept expecting something more to happen.  It was as if this story just finished up the plot from the first two books.  You do not have to read the first two since About That Night will catch you up to date, however all are great books and you get to see how the character depth grows with each story.  The writing is well done, the chemistry between Rylann and Kyle is believable, and they are very likable people as they try to stay away from each other during the investigation.   However in the end she finally tells all that she is in love with the Twitter Terrorist.