Kissing Under the Mistletoe – a wonderful heartwarming story

Kissing Under the MistletoeKissing Under the Mistletoe by Marina Adair
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Regan Martin believes she has finally received the perfect job offer; she is hired as a wine marketer for a company that was founded and run by women. She even gets a home to live in and her daughter (Holly) will be going to a school that the company will pay for. Regan made a horrible mistake six years ago by trusting a man that did not tell her he was married, she has been paying for it ever since. With numerous jobs behind her, she is ready to move on and forget the last six years. Until she realizes who else lives in the town of St. Helena.

Gabe DeLuca has placed a target on Regan’s back and has been hounding her ever since he walked in on a dinner date with her and his sister’s cheating husband, Richard. He has been the acting patriarch of the family since his parents died and he took it upon himself to watch out for his brothers and especially his baby sister. His family owns a large winery and ever since he saw Regan and Richard together, Gabe had tried to keep Regan out of the wine business in hopes that his sister would never have to deal with her.

Regan has told Gabe several times that she was sorry and did not realize that Richard was married. She was nineteen and emotionally Richard pushed all the right buttons. Gabe’s mission is to protect Abigail (his sister) and he was not interested in whose fault it was, he has just never wanted Regan and Abby to meet. To make matters worse, Richard has disappeared with a lot of money and Abby has been unable to get a divorce.

When both Regan and Gabe realize that she has been hired by his grandmother’s and sister’s wine company (Ryo) she is fired and only has a few days to move from the cottage. She is devastated until the most amazing things start to happen. Chaira (Chi Chi) Gabe’s grandmother and her friends seem to take a liking to Regan and along with Jordan Schultz, the woman who originally hired her they make it their business to find her a new job and a place to live. And even though there are still several people around town that want her to leave or at the very least see if Richard will contact her so they know where he is, those that rally around her make the others see her in a different way, which in return makes Gabe also see her differently.

I really enjoyed this book and had such a fun time reading you will laugh and cry as the author tugs are your heart. The characters are interesting and I laughed out loud several times from their antics. The “Randolph” rescue campaign, all three Mrs. Clauses trying to out-maneuver the PTA to keep the Community Action Committee from being barred from the meetings and the naughty jar, I believe Regan will be able to fund Holly’s college fund with it. I am looking forward to the next book; the brothers and sister were still not quite sure about Regan by the end of the book so it will be interesting to see how things progress.

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