Losing It – a fun, cute romance

Losing It (Losing It #1)Losing It by Cora Carmack
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Bliss Edwards is a twenty two year old young woman in her last year of college; she knows she is a smart, cute and fun person however somehow she is the only person she knows who has never had sex. And she wants to lose this label and move on with her life. It seems to be a sticking point every time she dates someone new. Bliss thinks that the reason she has never had sex is because she is a control freak.

Her best friend Kelsey is ready to help and takes her out to a local bar, after she helps her dress appropriately of course. She stays for awhile and then decides she is ready to go home – when she spots a cute guy in the back reading Shakespeare and is immediately intrigued. She is a drama major at college and there is something about a nice looking man reading the classics in a bar that intrigues her. When she talks to him she also notices he has a British accent. She must get to know this man.

They hit it off and after exchanging names and small talk he takes her back to his place on his motorcycle. She notices he lives in the same apartment complex she does, as they get off the motorcycle she burns her leg and when he can’t get into his apartment because he is locked out, they go to her place for some first aid.

They end up getting intimate and she finally she believes she is ready, but before it goes too far she chickens out, makes an excuse that she has to go get her cat from the Vet, at midnight – she does not own a cat. But she somehow leaves her apartment and watches until he leaves and goes back, feeling horrible.

The next day Bliss starts their new semester the last one before they graduate, as they walk into drama class they are introduced to their new professor and Bliss realizes that it is Garrett the man she deserted for her imaginary cat.

As uncomfortable as it is throughout the semester they try to keep their relationship professional, however they eventually start to date. There are some problems they must get through, a friend that actually really liked Bliss for more that she could give, an end of year play that has some embarrassing problems and a sickness that creates havoc for several of the actors before the play is even shown. And of course Bliss eventually loses it with Garrett.

I enjoyed this cute, sexy, fun romance. The characters were interesting and the story was pleasant with some sexual tension thrown in for excitement.

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